Top 5 Applications For Food Photography

Clicking a quick snap of the appeasing and mouthwatering food has now been an imperative ritual, be it in a fancy fine dining restaurant, feasting on a three-course meal, or simply crunching on a fast food dish on the streets. While some pass off a natural, “at-the-moment” kind of picture, some wish for the perfect shot with accurate lighting and editing for either aesthetic purposes or to express professionalism.

The end product, either way, is a photogenic shot of a scrumptious-looking meal. Editing these clicks is extremely easy, even for beginners, and here is your perfect guide to go through the top five applications for food photography.

  1. Snapseed

It is a completely free photo editing app available on both android and iOS and is one of the easiest, most popular, and famous apps to enhance food photography. To improve its aesthetic quality, it is loaded with easy-to-use image manipulation tools and presets, and has commendable brightening and sharpening tools that make photos look eerily similar to pictures captured in a professional camera.,

Additionally, the app lets you edit and fine-tune things like brightness, saturation, contrast, curves, shadows, and more—giving you a surprising amount of ultimate look control. It is loaded with presets and tools of professional quality. It also has great text templates which are useful to add the name of the dish or watermark in the picture. The filters on this application are not its forte but its Healing Tool and Selective Brightness has two well-appreciated and handy features of Snapseed. Moreover, it is advertisement-free and makes it a good choice.

  1. VSCO 

VSCO Camera is a photo editing application widely recognized for its overwhelming range of selections that can take your food photography to another level. With an essence to provide serious photographers with tools, it has few labels or icons on the sleek, minimal interface, but it is nicely organized. Nevertheless, they provide the VSCO Journal which is handy as it gives users tips and tricks on how to use the app for the best results. 

Additionally, it has its niche in capturing food in videos as it provides many professional presets and advanced editing tools for the same. Besides, you could easily construct your food journey montages by layering images, music, videos, text, and shapes. It is a free app that comes with a laid-out advanced pay plan with a wide range of filters from a vintage theme to something modern and is one of the best in the game which came up your food photography. 

  1. Foodie 

As the name typically suggests, the Foodie application is custom-made for sociable food photography designed for drastic color quality improvements and simply perfecting food photos. From providing guidance to capture food photos in the appropriate angle to add charm to providing a wide variety of filters, this application brings the delight of the food right into your screen.

This free application has a built-in smart guide with a rule of thirds grid which helps take accurate top-shots and figure out the best lighting situation to capture that dish. With over 30 unique food-oriented live filters, including the Yum, Crispy, Chewy, and BBQ series it enables shooting pics directly with filters applied or even editing after. Even the edges of your image are blurred by the app to give you that field effect depth. This versatile food photo editing application is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. 

  1. FaceTune 

Primarily designed for editing faces, many features equipped in this application become extremely beneficial for food photography also. Facetune’s whitening tool is very handy to whiten any plates or white objects that could have been discolored due to the lighting. This application is useful in detailing your food pictures and can perform meticulous functions like add details to any part of the image that could have been lost, remove a crumb from a plate, refine a section of a photo that is slightly blurry or smooth a backdrop so the focus is redirected to the food.

The application also assists in the clicking of the picture with what the company calls high-fidelity 3D facial modeling aimed at integrating these enhancements naturally with your features. When you shoot your food directly with the app, the artificial intelligence features embedded in the application at that point allow you to adjust slider settings and preview results before taking your shot. An augmented reality live image editing feature allows you to smooth the surface of your food before its capture and through the lens as you target your camera to yourself. 

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a user-friendly application that is well designed and everything is immediately accessible that brings professional-level photo editing features to your hands, available as a desktop or a mobile version. The features in the mobile version are limited but still provides a wide variety of filters. You can easily work with multiple layers and edit just a selected part of the image.

It provides all the RAW photo adjustments and has a commendable auto-edit feature with easy access and adjustments of the highlight, exposure, contrast, whites, temperature, clarity, and dehaze among others. With a full spectrum of free photo effects, custom sticker makers, borders, and text options, it has all the tools to ensure that the food in the frame looks well-lit, sharp, and tempting.

Many times, an amalgamation of these applications is required to capture the right picture and make it as tempting as the food it illustrates. While some apps have their niche in filters, some have their expertise in editing or capturing the picture. While many use these for personal aesthetics, there also exist few businesses which primarily focus on food blogging and food photography, be it as an own operation or outsourcing it for different clients.

While you focus on clicking and editing these pictures, we, Deecro- Digital Agency, can handle your public relations, branding, advertising, and other business’ digital auxiliaries. Feel free to contact us and we are always on our feet to be of assistance!


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