BURSTING Top 5 Biggest Myths About Startups


It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen ” – Scott Belsky

Hello, budding entrepreneurs, we are sure you were confused, agitated, and full of fear when the thought of entrepreneurship even crossed your mind but the best part is your heart was full of burning desire to ace this race, to be the one and create a  name for yourself in a world immersed with job seekers.

Deecro knows you’ve got the knack of being that JOB CREATOR, the only thing that stands as an obstacle in your path to success are myths that are floating all around the Internet, as always we’ve got your back to throw them straight out of your genius mind by bursting some major myths about startups because who knows we might have our next Jeff Bezos reading this article?

Before diving into any sort of business it is very important to know its origin, as we believe in scanning the roots in and out before jumping to any conclusion therefore to build a strong startup let’s first build your brain’s foundation on the whole concept of a startup. Startups are frequently associated with the rise of Silicon Valley.

Since the 1970s, the concentration of technology companies around Stanford University has had a significant impact on the world’s technological development. The term Silicon Valley was first used in a magazine called Electronic News in 1971 to refer to companies in the area that made semiconductors (for which the main ingredient was silicon). In the 1980s, the term Silicon Valley was applied to the entire region, including Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View, among others.

Let’s descend direct into  the 5 major myths that you need to stop believing in for a successful startup :

  1. The “ AGE ” old drama

You must have come across a lot of successful companies which were once mere startups with barely any hope. As a young mind, you sure would have dreamt of being one of them but were let down by some omniscient adults who guided you to think of a startup after a “safe ” job, which technically means, you should definitely not think of the whole idea of a startup at a young age and by mentioning young age we don’t mean there are any specific criteria, you could be an entrepreneur at the age 14 or 16 or 25, it’s not the number that counts it’s the ideas and it’s the implementation that counts.

Being an entrepreneur when you are young is preferable because you will learn along the way and may not need to unlearn as much as older entrepreneurs do after decades of working in corporate structures. Youth does not always imply immaturity or inexperience.

2. Every master was once a beginner

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist expert for starting a venture,  the concept that one needs to be well versed with all your MBA books is the biggest myth we want you burst right away. Not every product is the same and nor does the person selling it is. A digital venture might need a different sense of business skills whereas a clothing line would require a different perspective of the product, All that requires is not a hefty amount of business knowledge but a mere passionate and honest sense which will help you create your own niche.

If you are aware of your product from head to toe and know the basic knowledge of revenue, profits, and expenses, and you understand the fundamentals buy at a lower cost and sell at a higher cost than what you paid as an expense to create the product or service. If you don’t know enough right now do not worry, we live in a  world where knowledge is at your fingertips, one click and you are immersed with free and diverse knowledge which is what is exactly taught in top universities today also consider enrolling yourself in worthy online courses.

Today’s liberal world demands skills over theoretical knowledge therefore one should focus on being street smart rather than a bookworm when it comes to business.

3. Are college degrees relevant for startups?

When we talk about college and dropping out, some huge names that are synonymous with this concept are successful people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and by all means, this article is not directed towards spreading any message against education, receiving education in current scenarios of a digitalized world is totally different from what getting degree meant back in olden times, always remember an educated mind is way different than that of a regular one. You don’t need a college degree to start a business if you have a strong thirst for knowledge and never stop learning.  

A lot of researchers have shown that students actually felt burnt out while going to universities to only realize that it just  “slowed”, even though most of them passed out with a degree they realized that they lacked relevant skills making the entire concept of having a college degree null. 

4. Progress over Perfection

Sure you must have heard the quote “ Rome wasn’t built in a day ” this is exactly applied to entrepreneurship, building an empire and starting a venture requires patience, perseverance, and consistency and if you find yourself struggling with these qualities you might want to work on the same. Do not fall for the trap of “ perfection ” when it comes to startups, eliminate perfection from your dictionary and add progress, make slow progress but make sure they are consistent it doesn’t matter if the end product is perfect or pathetic, what matters is your progress.

If you find yourself waiting for that perfect timing, that perfect product, that perfect base of consumers you will keep waiting forever and ever and we are all aware of how time waits for none therefore make sure you make the most out of WHATEVER you’ve got. 

5. Your product isn’t unique? So what!

Do you feel like giving up on your entire dream every time this question crosses your mind? Well, hold on! It’s one of the biggest myths you might be living with. A market is a place for all types of producers and consumers and that’s how the graph of the market competition increases which is very essential for any progressive economy.

Did you know MySpace was a similar online platform just like Facebook that existed even before Zuckerberg thought of building his empire but look what happened, we all know the rest is history. It isn’t about being the first. The key to success is to carve your own niche and put your own brand on your product or service. Be relentless in your efforts to improve your business, and learn from the industry and your competitors.

Deecro itself is a startup, where we have a highly skilled team of young individuals who are filled with passion, creativity, and analytical skills, qualities that are often associated with anyone willing to embark on the journey of a startup.

We work with great enthusiasm on our digital advertising venture to provide our clients with solutions to all kinds of problems, ranging from the basics of SEO or SEM to aesthetically pleasing marketing skills for their high-quality brands. We love to engage with the inspirational stories behind every brand by taking into consideration the psychological as well as the business aspect of the same. We aim in providing results that not only benefit our clients but also make every head turn around with each campaign ever curated.

Deecro knows you’ve got the similar ideas that this venture was born with, go grab those opportunities available to you right now and leave the mark of a successful entrepreneur, for the world is your oyster.

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